Shine a Light on Breast Cancer - October 15



In honour of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, after BREAST CANCER is launching its second annual month-long campaign "Shining a Light on Breast Cancer." Our goal is simple: to raise public awareness for the women and men affected by this devastated disease.

We want to encourage and support people living with breast cancer, educate and spread awareness of breast cancer with the view to building a stronger, healthier community where no person faces breast cancer alone.

Shine a Light Day on October 15th special.

Everyone can celebrate and express love and support for their loved ones by dedicating a “Light” to them, a light which will shine brightly on our website.

Join us on all social media platforms on October 15th, so we can shine a light on breast cancer together! See below on how you can dedicate a light to someone touched by breast cancer.



Did you know?

75 people are diagnosed with breast cancer EVERY DAY in Canada. 

At after BREAST CANCER, we want to make sure that people affected by breast cancer feel ours and your support, and we want to express it worldwide. Join us on Shine a Light Day on October 15th to add more voices to ours.



Shine a Light Day on October 15th will take place on all our social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok). On our website you will find all the shining Lights in honour of those affected by breast cancer. We invite everyone to participate to spread awareness and show their support. Together, through community and solidarity, we can spread awareness about this disease and support people we love and care about!



Together with after BREAST CANCER, you can shine a light on someone you love, support, and care about by dedicating a Light to them on our website. By purchasing a Light, you will be able to personalize your donation and shine a light on your mother, friend, sister, or anyone you know who is dealing with breast cancer.

Let’s express some love and support to people affected by this disease — they deserve to shine and be celebrated! Click the Purchase a Light button above to participate.

You are also encouraged to join us on social media platforms on October 15th.

To Shine a Light on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn:

  1. Select one of our Shine a Light images below.
  2. Share, Tag, and Challenge others to post Shine a Light Day images using the hashtag #shinealightonbreastcancer.
  3. Add a Message of HOPE AND INSPIRATION to Your Post on Social Media Platforms.

Use your voice — tell the world who you shine a light on! Every story matters when it comes to breast cancer.

Here are a few ideas and suggestions, but you can always make your message personal!

  • I am a breast cancer graduate and today I Shine a Light on myself, because I am powerful and I celebrate myself!
  • Today, I Shine a Light on my mom, because she is loved and I want her to live a healthy life!
  • I Shine a Light on my sister/brother, because she/he is one of the most amazing women/men I know and I believe in her/him!
  • I Shine a Light on my friend @___, because she/he is always there for me!
  • I Shine a Light on everyone who needs support today, because together we can MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Don't forget to tag @afterbreastcancer and add additional hashtags #StayHealthyFor #afterbreastcancer #shinealightonbreastcancer



Our team at after BREAST CANCER has created a TikTok challenge in which every user can shine a light and pass it to others. Search @afterbreastcancer on TikTok and film your TikTok video in duet with us or create your own! Don’t forget to add hashtags #shinealightonbreastcancer #stayhealthyfor #afterbreastcancer and tag us @afterbreastcancer.

Please watch our "TikTok HOW TO VIDEO" video explaining how to create a duet on TikTok with no effort at all! 



Right click the images below to save them and use them in your social media posts.





Twitter banner:



Facebook banner:




Feel free to use these templates for posting on your social media platforms.

Content Guidelines:

  • Post uplifting messages and videos bringing awareness about breast cancer and expressing support on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and TikTok).
  • Include these hashtags:
    • #shinealightonbreastcancer #breastcancer #shinealight #afterbreastcancer #breastcancerawarenessmonth #stayhealthyfor
  • Suggested Photo Props for TikTok:
    • Images dedicated to Shine a Light Day for TikTok: a candle, lights, pink t-shirt/dress/clothes/etc., still photos of you, breast cancer ambassadors, and people willing to participate with you.

Message Tagging/Engagement Suggestions:

  • Tag as many friends and followers as possible and encourage followers to repost with hashtags.
  • Encourage donations for ABC Care KIT!s on our website.
  • Engage with followers for positive comments and feedback.



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Together We will Shine a Light on Breast Cancer on October 15th.