Cynthia Mulligan

"This is an amazing program to help women find themselves again, so they can go on to have an amazing life, because life is worth living!"

Cynthia Mulligan, TV Personality and Breast Cancer Graduate

Elizabeth Johnson

"If the after BREAST CANCER Program didn't exist, I would be still stuffing my old bras with anything I could find and hoping that it matched close enough for others not to notice. Thank you for everything you do to help women like me!"

Elizabeth Johnson, Breast Cancer Graduate

John Tory

"We need people like Alicia, and the people she’s motivated, with a passion to do this... let’s support this organization, because there are a lot of people in this city who need this sort of help."

John Tory, Mayor of Toronto, Former ABC Ambassador

Neve Tasi

"I think it’s really important for women who’ve had breast cancer to know that there is life after cancer, that you can still be beautiful and vibrant."

Neve Tasi, Breast Cancer Graduate