Nadia Marie Santiago (Part 5)

In honor of the amazing after BREAST CANCER Ambassadors, we decided to ask some important questions so that we can share their experiences to help others. Ambassador Nadia Marie Santiago.


Q: Leading a hectic life sometimes makes us forget to take care of our health. When you first felt your lump, what actions were taken at that time or did you wait it out? 

A: I found my lump in 2015 before my diagnoses in 2016. I had my baby girl in 2014 and I had breast fed her so my initial thought was in 2015 a clog milk duct. I waited until 2016 and the lump didn’t go away and it had gotten bigger. I went to an ultrasound and at the same time the tech ordered a mammogram to compare, which I found odd being only 35 years old at the time. 


Q: As a mom and a caregiver, we never want our children to feel sad. When you were diagnosed, how did you approach informing your children? 

A: My husband I both agreed to tell the children that same week I was diagnosed. We are very up front with our young children. We explained to them that mommy would be sick and losing her hair. We also had them join a kid’s group support through Hearth Place. We found books for children that told stories about breast cancer to help our kids understand a little better.

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