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Alicia Vianga – Canadian Small Business Woman of the Month of September 2013

Alicia is a big-hearted entrepreneur who combines her expertise in trend forecasting, bra fitting, and fashion knowledge to give women in Toronto an authentic and educational shopping experience.


Before starting her journey into entrepreneurship and advocating for women who have battled breast cancer, Alicia spent over 19 years in hospitality.  As a catering and sales specialist in the industry, she had the opportunity to work for esteemed organizations such as the University of Toronto, Colony Hotel, Hotel Plaza II, and the Marriott Hotel Bloor Yorkville. While she attributes her business savvy to her experiences in the hospitality industry, Alicia knew she was meant to start her own business and fill a niche many women didn't know existed.

Alicia have been featured as a pre and post breast augmentation bra fitter on Hollywood's 10 Best This Week, Entertainment Tonight Canada, CFRB 1010, Rogers Day Time TV, Weddingbells Magazine, Toronto Star, Slice TV's Plastic Makes Perfect, LOVE INC, Jeanne Beker Post News, SNAP Magazines, and Avenue Magazine. 


Alicia strongly believes in giving back to the community. She is an active board member of the Corso Italia BIA, whose goal is to preserve and promote the beautiful neighborhood of St. Clair West in Toronto. Alicia also supports non-profit events such as The Jeanne Lottie Pink Bedroom Party, and Covenant House-Celebrate Mom.


Alicia, was asked to review the official Bra Fitting Guide for a major hospital chain in Toronto. Through this affiliation with the Hospital, Alicia identified a major gap in the health care system; there is no program that provides necessities for women who have battled breast cancer who are financially strained. It was this realization that encouraged Alicia to found after BREAST CANCER, a charity aimed at ensuring survivors of breast cancer lacking financial means have access to necessities such as bras and/or prostheses. Alicia understands that when women move from breast cancer patient to breast cancer survivor, the world is a different place for them.  Obtaining properly fitted prostheses and bras enables survivors to begin their journey to regain their self-confidence and restore their feeling of being whole again.


after BREAST CANCER was launched on October 14, 2012, during Breast Cancer Awareness Month at a Toronto Argos Game and has been featured in Toronto Is Awesome, OMNI Television's Culture Avenue, Samaritan Magazine, Girls of T.O, Urban Moms, CP24 Breakfast, and Global News' Susan Hay Making a Difference segment.


Along with founding after BREAST CANCER, Alicia is also the creator of Bras for Congo, a charitable organization that accepts donated bras which are then given to women in the Congo. Each year, Alicia accepts hundreds of bra donations from the public to distribute to hospitals in the Congo.


Alicia is a socially responsible, passionate, and determined businesswoman and she lives her life trying to make a difference…one bra at a time.

Q & A with Alicia


What inspires you?

As a small business owner, what achievements make you most proud?

As a small business owner, I am most proud of seeing the smiles, and sometimes tears of happiness on my clients' faces.

As a Certified Bra Fitter; I know that a bra is not just an item of clothing. The right bra gives a woman hope, it could make her feel whole again, it could make a mother feel alive and renew after nursing her child/ children, it's a foundation to a woman's beautiful posture, it gives a new job seeker confidence and allows her to sit and stand tall. A good bra gives a woman relief from back pain and neck pain.

I am very proud of “after BREAST CANCER” because this program changes women's lives.  It gives them hope. It provides resources that contribute to woman's Quality of Life (QOL) due to breast cancer. We provide women with no insurance and limited financial resources with bras, camisole, and breast prosthesis at no cost to them after breast removal surgery (mastectomy).

Women undergoing breast cancer treatment face many “out of pocket” expenses and the cost of breast cancer to the individual has been well documented.

Through the work of after BREAST CANCER, we are beginning to address the aftermath of the devastating blow that breast cancer continues to deliver to our mothers, sisters, friends, and their families. We are just beginning to scratch the surface in terms of the support services required to give survivors the whole and meaningful life that they fought so hard to live for.

Our Goal at after BREAST CANCER is to help eliminate as much stress from women's lives as they go through the healing process of breast cancer, we want our friends/ sisters/ mother to focus on getting well and not worrying about as my survivor friends once said to me… “I just want to feel whole again”


What advice would you give to other aspiring small business owners?

Do something that you love and most importantly, always give back, because the more you give the more you will receive.  Be kind and loving.

Owing your business could be very rewarding, and it gives you a sense of accomplishment. But having a business takes lots of hard work, sometimes sleepless nights because you are the accountant, the marketing director, and the window washer.  Be mindful if you have a family, and don't ignore them to get rich.  Most of my older mentors tell me that's their biggest regret.

And most importantly, don't forget to smile; smile when you are on the phone and smile when you see a new or old client.


What new things can we look forward to from your business in the upcoming year?

We look forward to continuing to build great relationships with the community and our clients.

And we so look forward to the growth of “after BREAST CANCER” as we launch our program in more cities within Canada

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