Our Diversity is our Strength - Shining a Light on Breast Cancer

Our Diversity is our Strength

As we begin Breast Cancer Awareness Month, let us at after BREAST CANCER shine a light on our newest Ambassadors. While we are not going to individually introduce them just yet patience dear reader for we will shine a light on each one throughout the month we want to tell you about them as the amazing group of individuals they are.  Our new ambassadors are an articulate crew, diverse, passionate, and all committed to helping those in need.  They speak of the truths and the experiences of all of us or any one of us who has fought breast cancer.  Their stories are unique, but each story and experience carry resonances that any breast cancer graduate will understand.  Our diversity is our strength our differences remind people that breast cancer has no boundaries, no race, no gender, no sex, no income level, no religious identity.  It is a disease that unites everyone.  And our ambassadors, what they tell, is singular. 

We graduate, our ambassadors, survive, thrive, and want our stories heard so we can educate, empower, and, at the very least, whisper to others dealing with this horrible disease we are okay, we are alive, we thrive, and we are there for YOU and YOU can be okay and will thrive.

By speaking with our new ambassadors, I have learned so many variations and definitions of resilience, and so much of what it takes all of us to live through cancer.  We all do it differently, but we live and survive and we (re)define who we are during and afterward in similar ways. 

If we did not know it before, we learned that we are strong individuals who are living beyond our diagnoses and treatment.  We say our name first and cancer second.  I am Jennifer, a breast cancer survivor, not a breast cancer graduate named Jennifer.  We want to empower people during and after their diagnosis and treatments.  I think I speak for all our new ambassadors as I sincerely believe they would say the same thing.

Each one of us has lived through the statement “you have cancer.”  And throughout our individual paths, our own treatments, and our own circumstances, we have become one voice, a voice for those in need.  Our ambassadors want to use their stories to inspire others to help those less fortunate, those who might not have a voice. It is why after BREAST CANCER is here and why we reach out to you, our reader.  We want to shine a light on those in need.

Like myself, our ambassadors are lucky we survived this awful disease and we are thriving and we wanting to ensure that other graduates who do not have the means to get the necessities post-treatment can live as full a life as anyone else.

We might be a “fraternity” no one wants to be in, but we want to extend arms, our hearts, and our means to welcoming and helping anyone in this club who lacks the bras and prosthesis.

We are all after BREAST CANCER.

Jennifer Schultz, Board Ambassador

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