2018 Mother's Day Contest Jodi's Mother


I know that we are supposed to write about our amazing mothers that are with us and give you their shoe size in case we win.  Unfortunately this will be my first Mothers Day without her, so I know I’m not eligable but I wanted to tell you about her. She put up a great fight in the end but the cancer metastisized in her brain and she was gone from us far to soon.

She was a Special Ed teacher that had been retired for over 13 years yet the teachers from her school came to her funeral.  As well a lot of her former students showed up because they told us that she made them the people they were today. What an amazing tribute.  She was also big on volunteering.  She helped bring the Out of the Cold program to our temple 22 years ago and only stopped when she could no longer work.  She also ran the Seniors program at her Temple and was still organizing events from her bed at the Hospice.

The last word she ever spoke was Sorry, yet she had nothing to be sorry about. She truly was an amazing woman and it was an honour to be with her when she took her last breath.

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