Not sure I could ever sum up my best Mum story in 500 words or less because I was lucky to have a million of them so instead I’ll give you a brief overview of how amazing she was.  I lost her when I was 23 to metastasized breast cancer and it was a lifetime ago, but because of her I am the Mum I am today to my little girl.

My friend once said it would be a shame if you never had kids because your Mum was the best.  And she truly was.  She taught us how to laugh even in the darkest of times. She taught us how to love and be loved, even when her hair was falling out and her body was physically and emotionally being ripped apart. And she taught us how family and friends are truly the things that you can count on throughout your life and death and if you don’t have that you don’t have anything. And if I’m a fraction of that to my daughter than I’ve succeeded in carrying on her story of kindness and love.

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