A Real Life Superwoman

My mom is the definition of a real life superwoman. She is and has always been one of the most hard working and determined women I have ever known. Through the darkest times in my life she always stayed positive and focused on comforting everyone else before even thinking about herself, she would literally give you the shirt off her back if you needed it.

My mom has devoted her life to helping others who cannot help themselves. When I was growing up she even dedicated her free time to helping the homeless and anyone else who needed it. She is also fearless, and easily the strongest person I’ve ever known. There is nothing my mom wouldn’t do for me and my family and that is why in my eyes she has always and will always be the greatest mom. It is her selflessness, positive attitude and kindness that makes her such an inspiration to me and I hope one day to be just like the amazing woman and mother that she is.

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