2018 Mother's Day Contest - Vivienne's Story


My name is Sylvia and I want to tell you about a special, beautiful, caring, sweet little firecracker I call mama.

Her name is Vivienne Claire Sealy and she started her journey into motherhood at the tender age of 16.  Over a span of 8 years she became a mother to 4 and is now a grandmother to 8 and great grandmother to 3.  

She has always put her family first and made everyone she met feel so loved that everyone called her mom.  I remember getting so upset when I was younger when my friends would call her mom.  I didn’t realize at the time what a privilege it was that my friends felt the love, support and warmth that radiated from her always.

I try my hardest to make my mom feel the way she makes me feel but sometimes I just don’t feel like she truly knows how much my kids and I love and adore her.  I am the mother I am today because of her and I have honoured her by naming my daughter after her.  I will always continue to try and make her know how much she means to us.

This contest and prizes would be a wonderful addition to show how much she truly means to everyone that is lucky enough to have her in their life.

I know this is not a story but I could never put how wonderful, brave, loving, loyal and beautiful my mama is in 500 words or less.  Every mother is special and I am truly blessed I had the greatest teacher to show me how it’s done.

Proud daughter to one outstanding mama,

Sylvia Sealy

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