Date(s) - 15-07-2015
11:00 - 6:00


Casa Loma


S/HE Thrives unveils a new breast cancer graduate and this time includes a HE! Living with Cancer has no boundaries, it affects many, males and females alike. 12 Inspirational Breast Cancer Ambassadors reveal beyond the photographic lens their living beauty & their unique story.

Taking place on July 15th at the historical and elegant Casa Loma, part of Liberty Entertainment Group. Sprawling estate lush gardens, with stunning views of the  majestic castle and city skyline provides a perfect backdrop for the ambassadors to be completely styled and beautified, then clicked by Toronto’s top photographers.  Selected images to be part of the 2016 calendar by after BREAST CANCER

This year’s courageous 12 breast cancer ambassadors include Annie Parker, Susan Fulford, Diane Dupuy, Seema Gill, Pamela Greiner-Labelle, Lynn Manwar, Melissa Frew, Catherine McCormack, Shirley Scott, Grace John, Cathy Drago and Todd Herzog. 

As Todd Herzog states, “when I questioned a suspicious mole just below my nipple (the dermatologist and his resident both missed it on their initial examination), even my dermatologist was fairly certain it was nothing to be concerned about. Just to be safe, I did a biopsy.  It came back as breast cancer – and even then the dermatologist wasn’t convinced.  It wasn’t until the estrogen and other markers came back positive that he finally believed it.  Needless to say, he was shocked, as was I, of course.  Men don’t think they can get breast cancer; that it’s a “women’s” disease.  Not true.  (Even many in the medical profession aren’t aware that men can get breast cancer.)  Besides raising awareness for men to check themselves, the real bottom line is that you need to be your own advocate — “better safe than sorry.”

Dr. Marla Ash, renowned physician concurs, “Breast cancer is the most common cancer amongst women, and the second leading cause of cancer death will affect 1 in 9 Canadians during their lifetime.  This year alone, 25,000 women will be diagnosed. Although rare, breast cancer can occur in men as well.   Even though fewer women in Canada are dying of this disease, it remains the second leading cause of cancer death”.

Founder Alicia Vianga of S/HE Thrives and after BREAST CANCER charities states, “Breast cancer knows no age, life eminence, race or sex; whether its a young mother of two, accomplished business women, a nurse, an actor, a teacher or a father. Breast cancer certainly does not discriminate. S/HE Thrives 2015 will be showcasing the many faces of breast cancer. S/HE Thrives 2015 is a photo event that celebrates amazing women and man’s life with style and dignity”. 

This year, S/HE Thrives has partnered with clothing boutiques and designers Christopher Paunil, Christian, Gente, Carmen, Belo boutiques, LA Scala Men’s Wear and Fredas boutique, jewellery designers Dasha Klymenko and J Arends Designs, all styled by celebrity stylist, Dale Hodder-Elad of Shut Up and Dress Me, lending his expertise in showcasing the before and after. Make up & Hair styling by Shirley Wu and her team at Beauty Concepts.

Photo Call Time is 6pm at Casa Loma located on 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto.

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For digital stills, detailed bios and/or interviews with the Ambassadors, their personal stories, Dr. Marla Ash, the Founder Alicia Vianga, please contact:

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