S|HE Ambassadors Calendar


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Nominate yourself, a friend, family member, co-worker, or anyone else!

Everyone has a STORY, our goal is to present a diverse group of ambassadors from all walks of life: from professional women and men to camera-shy people.


The after BREAST CANCER S|HE Thrives Ambassador Calendar is back and will be packed with style and glamour lead by the fashion-forward and stylish Shut Up and Dress Me team to ensure that every ambassador LOOKS like a superstar for this truly once in a lifetime event!


Thirteen ambassadors who have been diagnosed with breast cancer will be styled by celebrity fashion directors and personal stylists, Dale Hodder and Angus Pereira. These geniuses of style will divulge their expertise to unwrap each ambassadors’ innate tremendous beauty with makeovers and the latest fashions. Our ambassadors' gorgeous new looks and story will be captured by a team of photographers lead by Cristina Sacco, Toronto's top photographer for our 2021 S|HE calendar!


Please feel free to nominate anyone you think would be a great addition to the ABC Ambassador Family. 


Nominations will be closed on March 15th at 9:00 PM

Please send an email with the following information to SHE2020@afterbreastcancer.ca :

(1) Full name and contact information (phone and email);

(2) A recent photo

(3) The month of birth, and contact information of the person(s) you are nominating; and

(4) A brief description of why you think you or your nominee should be an after BREAST CANCER S|HE Thrives Ambassador.

(5) Social media handles, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...