Happy Father's Day!

"This Father's Day we shared stories of the Dad in our life!"


In honor of Father’s day, we ask you to share with us your #DadStory. We will then share them across social media.


A father is one who puts the needs of his family first. I see that in my husband. He puts the needs of others before his own and has been faithful to this throughout the years. It may sound biased but he is a great father to our children.

My dad was loving and caring to my siblings. He took pleasure in cooking and feeding us especially on Sundays when Mom worked nights. He loved to play soccer and board games. My dad took pride in teaching us all how to drive back in the day and I still hear his voice telling me to "cover your brakes " when driving.

Patricia Russell after BREAST CANCER ambassador

TOne of my favourite memories with my dad, was when we made a fort in our backyard with children sized tents. I was too little to do it by myself so he helped me. We spent the rest of the day playing in this cool fort. Well, I played in the fort while my dad could barely get his shoulders through the tent door. 

 Elizabeth, after BREAST CANCER social media manager