Get YOUR Beauty ON workshop 

Women face many body challenges after breast cancer treatment such as Irradiated Skin, Thinning or Dry Skin, Scars from Surgery, Brittle Fingernails, Loss of Eyebrows, Loss of Eyelashes, and Hair Loss. This leads to isolation and inability for community integration stemming from low self-esteem related to poor body self-image. The Beauty team will use this opportunity to help breast cancer graduates regain their quality of life and self-confidence by providing:

  • Makeup tips and ideas
  • The latest trends in skincare
  • Information on how to conceal scars
  • Quick and easy tip of the day, just to name a few ideas…  



Life after breast cancer is a challenge for these women and men; they have many questions as they strive to find a new normal.  The “Ask the Pharmacist workshop” is an interactive, question and answer session, which will play a significant role in filling the gap in educational and individualized support for each woman and man facing their new normal. They will also receive educational support to help them build their self-confidence. Providing educational information and individualized support will ensure both men and women will successfully transition back into the community and preserve or enhance their economic well-being.  




Eating Healthy is a workshop for breast cancer graduates.

A Chef will creates menus that are healthy and cost-efficient. The cooking class will be followed by a tour of the a grocery food aisle where the Nutritionist will teach you how to read food labels.

Eating Healthy Cooking Class  

Learn How To:

  • How to eat healthy on a budget
  • How to purchase simple food
  • How to maintain a healthy weight
  • How to choose sources of healthy fats
  • Simple recipes for salad, entrée, and dessert