Change a persons' life for less than the price of a coffee!!

Our goal is to help breast cancer graduates feel and look beautiful by providing them with our ABC Care KITS!

Through your monthly subscription of $30 (only $1 a day), you will help those who are in need of basic necessities post-op breast cancer treatment. 

With this small step, YOU can make a BIG impact.

Surviving breast cancer affects not only physical health but mental too: it impacts women’s self-esteem and understanding of their beauty and worth. 

Each ABC Care KITs! include basic post-mastectomy necessities for women who will be undergoing a mastectomy surgery at NO COST. 

We will need your help!

About ABC Care KIT! Donate A DOLLAR A Day


Each ABC Care KIT! contains:

  • 2x Temporary Breast Prostheses
  • 2x Drainage Pockets
  • 1x Front Closure Mastectomy Camisole
  • 1x Front Closure Mastectomy Bra
  • 1x Mastectomy Bra and Breast Prosthesis Fitting Guide
  • 1x Handmade Knitted Blanket
  • 1x Handmade Knitted Cap
  • 1x Seatbelt pillow
  • 1x Message of encouragement from our Ambassadors who have completed breast cancer treatment and much more!

Support Our ABC Care KIT!

Thank you again Alicia! Beth was moved to tears when she received the package. She is having a rougher time with the post surgical recovery and is in a lot of pain. This helped her tremendously, both physically and emotionally.

With love and gratitude,

The contents of my package warmed my heart, as I could see the thought and understanding that went into addressing the unique needs we have during treatment.

Also, the loving handmade gifts from women in the community, helped me realize the tremendous impact of the sisterhood of caring strangers.

God bless you and encourage you in your ongoing work of love.

With much gratitude,