My name is Kelly Pereira,

I have been diagnosed with Invasive ductal carcinoma (grade 2, ER PR positive, HER 2 negative) And DCIS in 2021.


After being diagnosed, I apologized to myself for not taking care of my body and not appreciating it right down to not being satisfied with the way I looked. Through fitness, I have found appreciation for what my body can do and confidence in the way I look. Women do not need to have reconstruction or need breasts to feel feminine, strong or beautiful. Life can go on and beauty lies within.

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Meet Kelly's glam Team

Creative Director | Alicia Vianga 

Photographer | Brenda Spielmann

Styles| Alana Doria and Maria Chowdhery

Designer | Shellio

Jewellery | Alan Anderson

Hair Stylist | Sterling Williams

Makeup Artist | Melitta Moodley