My name is Tammy Rader,

I have been diagnosed with Triple negative stage 2, grade 3 invasive multifocal, Metaplastic breast cancer in 2023.


One of the hardest things you will ever face is finding self-love/acceptance for your body after a lumpectomy, mastectomy (or two single ones). The changes to your body are not just physical but emotionally impactful as well. I am still working on acceptance and finding self-love for my new body. It was hard to look in the mirror and see that person standing in front of me! It took work (journaling, counseling, mantras, and affirmations). I was able to reflect on the strength of my body, take baby steps forward and start to embrace this new person I was looking at.

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Meet Tammy's Glam Team

Creative Director | Alicia Vianga 

Photographer | Azita Ziaei

Styles| Alana Doria and Maria Chowdhery

Designer | Debbie Cordeiro Designs

Jewellery | Alan Anderson

Hair Stylist | Athena  Chandra

Makeup Artist | Nicolette Afable