My name is Kim  Hoben,

I have been Diagnosed with  Estrogen positive, progesterone positive and HER2 positive in 2020.


Receiving my diagnosis of cancer, not only affected me, but my family, friends, and colleagues. I was blessed by all the love and support people expressed. From all my friends and family, including my work family, ringette family, hockey family, neighbours, church family, my “Breast Friends” and so many more. I am so lucky to have so many wonderful people in my life.

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Meet Kim's Glam Team

Creative Director | Alicia Vianga 

Photographer | Steve Blackbum

Styles| Alana Doria -GlueStickAgency and Maria Chowdhery

Designer | Debbie Cordeiro Designs

Jewellery | Alan Anderson

Hair Stylist | Angela Wood

Makeup Artist | Angela Wood