Patricia Russell

Meet Patricia...

“Don’t be afraid to ask and don’t be afraid of the answer.”


Born in England, Patricia is a minister, speaker, singer, coach and author. Patricia has dealt with breast cancer twice in the same breast and both breast cancers were different. Her first diagnosis was not hormone receptive but her second diagnosis revealed was estrogen positive breast cancer. When Patricia first discovered a lump in her breast, her mother was in radiation treatment and her mother also had two diagnoses of breast cancer. Patricia was unsettled by the change in her skin colour caused by chemotherapy. The skin on her hands turned black as well as her nail beds. After her mastectomy, Patricia took the time needed to accept the change to her body. As she adjusted to these changes, she became an advocate for herself gaining a self-awareness and self-assurance she now wishes to impart to others.

Patricia seeks to inspire others in her ministry and in the larger cancer community. She often says “resiliency is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the more you build it.” Her compassion, borne from her abiding faith, helps her coach others to find their purposes and fulfill them. She uses her story—that of having two different types of breast cancer—and her own personal advocacy to coach other women to speak out, to find their voices and not to fear the answers to life’s difficult questions.

“So many women do not think they have anything to contribute but when they look deep inside they will find that they made it through.”


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