My name is Patti,

I have be diagnosed with DCIS and Pagett's Disease in 2018.


Opening up, even to those we love and trust, can be very difficult. It is hard to be vulnerable; to expose oneself; to appear weak or lost. But we need to. We have to in order to survive. We cannot live our lives with things bottled up inside. It will only eat away at us until the mental and emotional duress starts to cause physical ramifications too. Anxiety, insomnia, depression, stomach issues, headaches....the list is endless. We owe it to each other to ensure we are taking care of our emotions as much as our bodies.

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Meet Patti's Glam Team

Creative Director | Alicia Vianga 

Photographer | Cristina Sacco -Boy Girl Photography Studio

Styles| Alana Doria and Maria Chowdhery

Designer | Debbie Cordeiro Designs

Jewellery | Alan Anderson

Hair Stylist | Vanessa Costa

Makeup Artist | Erin Finlay