after BREAST CANCER is Dedicated to Supporting and Celebrating those Affected by breast cancer

Most people believe that surviving breast cancer treatment is the end of the battle, but in fact, it is the beginning of the healing journey. After treatment, breast cancer graduates face numerous physical, emotional, and financial challenges. Countless women struggle to re-establish themselves in the workforce, manage chronic health issues resulting from treatment, instate new healthy lifestyle habits, overcome depression, and become reacquainted with their new bodies.

  1. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT: To identify under-served areas in breast cancer survivorship that lack resources and provide evidence based information that can facilitate informed decision making on issues related to breast cancer survivorship.
  2. DIRECT SUPPORT: To provide women who have no insurance and limited financial resources with a mastectomy bra, camisole and breast prosthesis at NO OUT OF POCKET COST to them after breast surgery (mastectomy or lumpectomy).
  3. SUPPORT FOR THE FUTURE: To provide resources that contribute to a woman's Quality of Life (QOL) after breast cancer.

How It Works - All at NO OUT OF POCKET COST to each woman

  1. We provide NEW mastectomy bras, breast prostheses and mastectomy camisoles.
  2. We undertake Fitting appointments at specific locations in the GTA.
  3. Women on the ABC program receive new single or double breast prosthesis/es every two years.
  4. Women on the ABC program receive up to THREE new mastectomy bras each year.
  5. We offer on-going Educational Workshops to women facing breast cancer.
  6. We offerABC Care KIT!s to women prior to mastectomy surgery