Laura Robertson

Meet Laura...

“I had the wind knocked out of me, but I got up, one step at a time, one day at a time.”


Laura’s professional life has focused on helping others. First as an imaging technician at Princess Margaret and in the past few years as an image and styling coach, Laura helps people bring out their best selves, inside and out. Then she had to help herself. After six months of scans and biopsies, Laura was finally diagnosed with breast cancer. Although she hoped for only surgery, Laura underwent through chemotherapy before surgery which was harder for her than accepting surgery. Having worked in the medical field for many years before her diagnosis, she had to accept being on the other side of the patient bed but, once she got her head around chemotherapy, she was determined. Laura faced her surgery with a singular vision—to attack the breast cancer aggressively.

Laura explains it best: “Cancer is an emotional roller coaster no matter how well supported and informed you are. A part of that is just the "C" word; but a major piece of it is the lack of knowledge that most people have, the uncertainty around your course of therapy and the options that you can exercise.” From this thought, it was obvious to Laura that there was a lot she could do to help other women. Laura writes “I am inspired to be involved in that way as my background, my personal experience and my professional interests combine beautifully to support that desire.”



Photographer | Stetati Media

Wardrobe | InQuattro Fashion Group

Jewellery | Rita Tesolin

Hair | B Pretty/ Jennifer Walton

Makeup | B Pretty