Sara Mody

Meet Sara...

“I am learning to embrace my scar. My beautiful scar. I am more than the flaws I wear.”


Sara exudes the warmth and calmness befitting a schoolteacher, restorative yoga instructor and volunteer with cat rescue. She continued teaching during her breast cancer treatment. Sara knew she needed her students as much as they needed her. The children inspired her and indirectly helped her; Sara writes that “they gave me strength, they gave me laughter, they gave me purpose.” In fact, being a teacher was a way for Sara to come to terms with the fact that her choice to have children was taken from her because of her breast cancer. She came to believe that she is fortunate to have children to teach--perhaps her purpose is to guide and teach young minds.

She constantly needed to remind herself that she was more than her body and that her scar does not define her. Sara’s mental struggle reflects the thoughts of so many women. Her words are both poetic and so true. She writes that “being a woman is more than the body I wear. I remind myself of that every time I wear a bathing suit and see people staring. I take a moment to breathe. I look inwards and find the strength to remember that this is my scar. Whenever I was down, thinking about my diagnosis, I told myself that I may have cancer but cancer doesn’t have me”



Photographer | Stetati Media

Wardrobe | Tocca Finita

Jewellery | Rita Tesolin

Hair/ Makeup | B Pretty