My name is Vassi Talampassi,

I have been diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma Stage 2b in 2021.


One of the biggest challenges was the many changes that my body went through in less than two years. Changes that I had no other choice than accepting them. I allowed all the emotions to go through my body, my mind and my soul. This is the only way to heal. After my double mastectomy I wrote a short poem and I dedicated it to my body “Today, I am thankful for my body. It is not easily intimidated and knows how to push forward. Today, I am thankful for my body. It never hides from challenges and can silence my mind, when it needs to. Today, I am thankful for my body. It creates beauty even in the midst of my life's chaos.”

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Meet Vassi's Glam Team

Creative Director | Alicia Vianga 

Photographer | Sahar Os

Styles| Alana Doria and Maria Chowdhery

Designer | NARCES

Jewellery | Alan Anderson

Hair Stylist | Ruchi Gawri

Makeup Artist | Rachel Jones