Diane Dupuy

Meet Diane...

“You are only as good as your last performance. Don’t let this one be the last.” ~ Liberace

If anyone can find humour in breast cancer, it’s Diane Dupuy. Renowned as the founder of the Famous PEOPLE Players, an internationally acclaimed special-needs theatre troupe, Diane knows all about the power of laughter. Especially when it comes to overcoming adversity. “I love to say my last chemo drink was seven years ago,” she says, chuckling. “The cocktail lounge is now closed and I never want to go back.” Along with that theme and positive outlook—shared in her book, Cocktails at the Chemo Lounge—Diane credits her children, husband and mother for helping her “stand up and be counted,” when faced with life’s rockier moments. “I’m a person of the future. I cannot dwell on the past. I only want to cry tears of joy and be inspired,” she says of her indomitable spirit. “You can’t have a good cocktail selection without some killer drinks that knock you on your ass. My time in the cocktail lounge of life gave me hope.”