Seema Gill

Meet Seema...

“Be aware, inspired and loved.”

The word love comes up a lot in Seema Gill’s conversations.

Love for her young daughters. Love for her family. Love for her work. Love for life.

“I define myself through love,” says the IT project manager. “I’ve learned in my journey over the past five years that loving myself will keep me healthy and will teach my kids to put themselves first.”

Diagnosed with breast cancer after the birth of her first daughter, she was told it was unlikely she would become pregnant again. Yet, miraculously, that’s exactly what happened less than two years after undergoing chemotherapy in February, 2012.

“The moment we found out we were pregnant was that moment of clarity from the heavens above that everything happens the way it’s supposed to happen,” she recalls.

“My legacy is to leave my daughters with love. I want them to think, ‘I learned about love, how to give love and how to love myself, through my mum.’”